Makers and doers.

At Sprune Technologies, we build business web software and scalable backend services. Our belief is to spruce the essential, and prune the unnecessary.

We're a small but growing technology company, with decades of experience in developing cutting-edge applications, as well as boring but resilient systems.

We make Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) products for global use, and execute Cloud computing projects.

We are the experts in the trade. We don't fuss much over tools, providers or programming languages (although we love .NET). We fuss over simple solutions to hard problems. We fuss over shipping delightful software. We fuss over performance. We fuss over generating value for our customers.

Our team is nimble and competent. We have a remote-friendly culture. As a distributed team, everyone at Sprune is free to live and work wherever they want, leading us to sustainable productivity and happiness. We're a diverse pack with unique perspectives, yet a common vision, that helps us make simple but opinionated software.

Our headquarters is in cozy Melbourne, Australia. Our amazing customers are from all around the world.

We try to bring simplicity, respect and mindfulness in things we do, within our company as well as with our customers and partners.

Say hello if you like what we do or if you’d like to know more. Check out our blog for updates. Visit our merch store for brand clothing and gifts.