Cloud Computing, Simplified.

Cloud Computing, Simplified.

"Keep it simple, keep it fast, because you don't need more features, you need more happy customers."

At Sprune Technologies, we build world-class web software and scalable backend services. Our belief is to spruce the essential, and prune the unnecessary.

Our knowledge platform will help you learn about the real-world in real-time, gather precise knowledge for your industry, and be able to make timely decisions.

Our cloud computing services will help you and your team develop new apps and experiences faster. Solve tough business challenges with our mission-ready microservices and APIs.

Accelerate your quick-wins! Reduce the cost, time and effort required to deliver essential business processes and services to market. Delight your organizational users and customers with simple tools and solutions, powered by our fast and reliable software.

Find a good match for your use-case with our products, or consider our services for your next big project.